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For the "active" tourist, both Hohegeiß and the Harz-region offer many possibilities to spend some active time... 



In the direct surroundings you will find a total of 74 well-pointed-out trails (with an overall length of appr. 2200 kms) offering a wide range of difficulty-levels. This is the largest network of trails in northern-Germany. In Hohegeiß 2 mountainbike-trails have thier starting point, but also in Braunlage and St. Andreasberg you will have the possibility to start a trail. Explore them (all) yourself with their narrow singletrails, steep cimbings and dazling downhills.



For motorbikers the Harz region definitlely is a paradise and the region attracts bikers and motorbiking-fans from all over Europe. When heading to the Harz, on your way overhere, the excitement will increase; attractive tracks and roads with many beautiful and inviting curves for sure will make the hearts of many motorbikers beat faster.... Riding on 2 wheels the Harz region will not be boing at all: just follow the curvy roads through valleys and over hills! You will also find a couple of meeting-points for motorbikers like Torfhaus and Okertalsperre.



The Wurmberg has a height of 971 meters and is Lower-Saxony's highest mountain. It offers a spectacular view at the closely located (and almost touchable) Brocken. A ride with the longest funicular of Northern-Germany really is a nice experience; you will be floating for more than 2800 meters from the town of Braunlage all the way up to the top of the Wurmberg. In the second part of the ride, from the Mittelstation upwards, the views get more impressive. More information regarding opening-hours and prices you will find on

On top of the mountain, the Wurmberg-Alm will invite you for a break; when the weather is nice you can even relax on the sunny terrace. Near the station you will find a playground, an animal farm and a "Water-Experience-World" where children - and grown-ups - can play and experiment with water. For who prefers enjoying a stouning 360-view, the in the year 2019 opened "Panorama-Tower" takes you up the a height of 1000 metres, where you will find the entire Harz at your feet



This new attraction has been opened in Bad Harzburg in the year 2020. On this „Schwebebahn“ you will float down from the 483 meter high Burgberg – hanging/sitting comfortably in a safe cord – over the more than a 1000 meter long flyline by taking hairpin-turns downwards at an average speed of 12-15 km/u all the way down where you will reach the Baumwipfelpfad. During the flight you can enjoy amazing views and the continuously changeing forestation of the Burgberg. More info available on



This summer bobsleigh-track on the Matthias-Schmidt-Berg in St Andreasberg garanties - with its overall length of 550 meters - a lot of fun for the entire family; throughout the whole year! The height difference of 130 meters does make you speed up for sure... If you prefer to go downhill a bit more "slowly", just adjust your speed by using the handle. This attraction also is very well suited for samll children; they can also take the ride downhill being accompanied by an adult. You can reach the bobsleigh track by making a beautiful walk all the way to the top of the Matthias-Schmidt-Berg or by just having a seat in the chairlift for a comfortable ride up. At the top you will not only be rewarded by a nice downhill ride, but also by a beautiful view. For opening hours and prices, have a look at



Near the ereservoir of the Rappbode you will have the possibility to put your adrenaline to the test! Over the Bode there is the Titan-RT; a 458 meter long hanging-bridge at the height of 100 meters. A very special adventure that requires no more than a decent pair of shoes and some courage. In case you are looking for some more "challenge" you may try a walk down the 43 meters high wall of the dam, experience a 75 meter deep jump and Gigaswing underneath the hanging-bridge or have a 85 kms/hr "trip" at the height of 120 meters flying for over a kilometer to the other side of the Bode. Harzdrenalin offers some activities not suitable for weak nerves.... 

But, of course, there are many more ways to experience the Harz in an active way... Here at our hotel, we have several brochures that may interest you as well and to some of the activities we may even "concvince" you by sharing our own personal experiences...